Name: James Davis

A.K.A: City Life

Age: 57

Years Surfing: 45

Status: Old School

Home Break: V.P.

Surf Trips: Hatteras, Puerto Rico, Cali, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Mexico, Nicaragua and Virgin Islands

Sponsors: None

Claim to Fame: Blue moon tube

First board:

Future Plans: To never stop surfing

Advice: JUST PULL IN!! No guts No glory



Name: Ed Sawtelle

A.K.A: Eddie B

Age: 56

Years Surfing: 49

Status: 80's Old school

Home Break: V.P.

Surf Trips: North Shore, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Cali, Hatteras and Baja

Sponsors: Beachtown

Claim to Fame: Tube rides, 360's

First board:

Future Plans: More Puerto Rico with my girl!

Advice: Never stop driving down the line, and going hard off the lips!

Name: Steve Morrison

A.K.A: Mako, Stucco Steve, State Trooper Steve, 40 and 2 bucks

Age: 47

Years Surfing: 36 years and counting

Status: Out of Middle school

Home Break: Ventnor Pier and EHT pit

Surf Trips: Puerto Rico, Mexico, Costa Rica, Barbados and East Coast U.S.A.

Sponsors: Indie, Seppo and Center City Sports

Claim to Fame: Tre's Palms on a flat day

First board:

Future Plans: Surf trips and more surf trips. Being a Dad

Advice: Don't move to the mainland. Trust Me


"Surfing is life, the rest is details".

Absecon Island Surfing