Name: Batchy Grenier

A.K.A: Crash, Batch O'Luv, Jen's Boyfriend

Age: 100 yrs young

Years Surfing: Not enough

Status: Stunt Man

Home Break: Pier, uptown, downtown and that place in between

Surf Trips: East coast U.S.A, Canada, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Costa Rica, France, Portugal, Spain, Tortola, St. Thomas, Panama and Fortescue beach

Sponsors: Myself, Center City Sports and I'm still waiting for the rest of the swag

Claim to Fame: Seppo. That one time..............Driving and crashing cars

First board: Some back yard board (and not the company)

Quiver: Surfboards, skateboards and snowboards

Future Plans: Travel the world, be happy, wreck shop, marry Jen and get a puppy

Advice: Be yourself, the rest will follow


Name: Doug Rush

A.K.A: Dougy Lush, Blazing Stamina

Age: 35

Years Surfing: 23

Status: Has been that never was

Home Break: Ventnor Pier and Big girls bedrooms

Surf Trips: Hawaii, East coast (every where you can think of) and Cali

Sponsors: Center City Sports, Redsand, Billabong suits, Dan Taylor surfboards and all the other hook-ups I get. Liquor stores that give me deals and Indie ding repair

Claim to Fame: A few contest I did well in. That one session I surfed uptown with James (I didn't break a board that day) Davis, AJ and Chris Polk. It was all time and we were the only ones out

First board: 5'10 MB

Quiver: 5'10 DT squash (if Frank ever fixes it), 5'10 Bright Pink DT swallow, 6'0 DT squash, 6'3 DT round pin, and boards from other companies I don't ride for anymore

Future Plans: Live as long as I can, then die when it's my time. And I promise I will do those Plans!

Advice: If your not from Ventnor, DO NOT SURF VENTNOR!



Name: Thomas Sullivan I

A.K.A: Tea Bag Tommy, T-Sulls, Mustang Sally, Shaggy-Doo, T-Bone

Age: 35

Years Surfing: 20 years 4 months 3 days 4 hours 22 minutes and 32 seconds

Status: No comment

Home Break: Ventnor Pier

Surf Trips: Puerto Rico, Cali, Delaware, Hatteras, Florida, Panama, Japan and Tahiti

Sponsors:  Indie

Claim to Fame: What size do you need?

First board: 5'8 Single Brunette

Quiver: 53 different Indies'

Future Plans: Sell shoes and have fun doing it


"Surfing is life, the rest is details".

Absecon Island Surfing