Name: GJ Magill

A.K.A: Magillagan

Age: 32

Years Surfing: 24

Status: New Schooler

Home Break: Ventnor Pier

Surf Trips: California, Hatteras and Puerto Rico.

Sponsors: Yea right

Claim to Fame: Being Enis's kid

First board: 5'0 Linden

Future Plans: To be a carpenter and go on surf trips whenever possible

Advice: Don't come to Ventnor Pier



Name: Cody Maher

A.K.A: Code Man From Alcatraz

Age: 32

Years Surfing: 21

Status: Juvenile Delinquent

Home Break: Ventnor Pier

Surf Trips: Hatteras, Puerto Rico, travel more for snowboarding

Sponsors: Black Flys, Center City Sports, and Seppo

Claim to Fame: Droped in on Pro Shaun Magill

First board: 6'0 Mark Richards

Future Plans: Take over Ventnor Pier

Advice: Fierce localism, I am going to start droping bodies

Name: Daniel Bishop Ginsburg

A.K.A: Ginz

Age: 47

Years Surfing: A lot

Status: Depends on how sunny it is outside

Home Break: Ventnor Pier

Surf Trips: Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, California and Mexico

Sponsors: Jump Ship, Electric and Center City Sports

Claim to Fame: The best all time story (myself) pop shovit on a 9'0 longboard

First board: Rip Curl single fin

Future Plans: No idea (one day ride the first Indie twin fin)

Advice: Don't do drugs or drink


"Surfing is life, the rest is details".

Absecon Island Surfing