Name: Shaun Magill

A.K.A. Pro Shaun

Status: New Schooler

Age: 30

Years Surfing: 20

Home Break: Ventnor Pier

Sponsors: Still Waiting (call me if you see something you like)

Claim To Fame: While in California I stayed with Shane and Gavin Beschen

Surf Trips: California, Puerto Rico, and Hatteras

First Board: 5'10 Rainbow epoxy

Future Plans: Go Pro


Name: AJ Wolf

A.K.A: Agerm

Status: Punk Rock

Age: 53

Years Surfing: 20

Home Break: Ventnor Pier

Sponsors: Indie, Center City Sports, Seppo and Debra Marshall

Claim To Fame: 1978 - 2nd place east coast surfing championshps, 2nd place U.S. surfing championships, 1979 1st place east coast surfing championship. 1974 absecon island surfing champion (most likely trophy given, not necessarily earned).

Surf Trips: California, Hawaii, Mexico, Mainland Mex, Puerto Rico, Panama, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Indo, Peru and East Coast USA.

First board: 3'11 Inter-Island Surfboards Hawaii (single fin)

Future Plans: Build a home in Puerto Rico. Continue to play Punk Rock with Jump Ship. Surf when there are waves; otherwise SK8 or Snowboard.

Advice: Question everything, think for's healthy (so the sticker says). Play your part, vote Bush out. Do Yoga and breath deeply



Name: Glenn Magill

A.K.A: Rather not say

Status: Has Been

Age: 66

Years Surfing: 54

Home Break: Ventnor Pier

Sponsors: Surfers Supplies

Claim To Fame: Surfing. Mick Magill and the Rolling Stones performed live in the outer banks (provided by AJ Wolf). Previous A.I.S.C contest director and champ.

Surf Trips: All over. Just to mention a few: Cali, Puerto Rico, Indo, Nicaragua, East Coast U.S.A. and Hawaii

First board: 9'0 Duke Kahanamoku Maui model

Future Plans: Boat Trips

Advice: Stay in school

"Surfing is life, the rest is details".

Absecon Island Surfing