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For some odd reason there have been more and more heads in the water lately. I have been approached by many surfers to bring the issue of crowed waves to everyone's attention. For those of you who are new at this, most of the popular surf breaks have what one may call "locals" these are surfers that live in the area and have surfed the break for at least 10+ years. This means they get first choice of waves. Sorry to all you "local grommets" you'll have to work your way up. Now, there are some unspoken rules that also apply in the water. First off, and everyone should know this one; DON'T DROP IN. Second, if you are just learning or a beginner, surf up/down beach from the peak, way up/down beach. Third, this one may be a shocker.   When a set comes in and you paddle for the first wave and miss it, that's too bad for you, because you loose priority. You can't turn around and think the next wave is yours, even if you are on the inside. Fourth, and trust me on this one, everyone hates these guys, these surfers are what we like to call 24/7 contest surfers, these are the surfers that are paddling around you and everyone else to get the inside like they're surfing in a heat. Please guys, we are all stoked to be in the water and get some waves, so keep these things in mind and don't start trouble. If you keep this in mind and respect the local surf spots then you shouldn't have any problems, if not, we ask you to trade in your surfboard for a bodyboard, go the the guarded beaches and have all the waves you want.




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