If anyone has information about the Absecon Island Surfing Championships since its start in the early 70's please email info to the address on this site. Also, we are trying to compile all the names of the different Absecon Island Surfing champs since 1974.



AJ Wolf with his 1974 Absecon Island trophies


1974 AJ Wolf
1975 Joel Magen
1976 Steve Dwyer
1978 David Tomar
1979 Joe Toner

1980 Glenn Magill
1981 Richie Pfeffer
1988 Jim Bergman
1989 Mark Neustadter

1990 Nick Fisher
1992 Frank Walsh
1994 Frank Walsh
1995 Jeff Shapiro
1996 Nick Fisher
1997 Nick Fisher
1998 Donny Moore
1999 "No Contest this year"

2000 Glenn Magill
2001 Doug Rush
2002 Ian Bloch
2003 Zack Humphreys
2004 Corey Weber
2005 Mark Dillinger
2006 Ian Block   
2007 Brittney Hickey
2008 Ian Bloch
2009 Aj Wolf
2010 Matt Fineran
2011 Greg Osborne
2012 Brittney Hickey
2013 Perry Siganos
2014 Brittney Hickey
2015 Frank Sarno
2016 Paul Mancuso
2017  Stephen Zakroff
2018   Pat McCarron
2019 Aaron Gershkovich



Steve sent us this info,

Hey folks!
Just happened to visit your web site and wound up taking a short trip down memory lane.

You should do more stuff on the history of surfing on the island. I'm sure some of the old timers are still around. I think the grandfather of the sport would be Ron Curcio. He invented the shark fin skeg and had a shop on Ventnor Ave. right across from A. C. High School. Built his boards right there in the shop. Did it all from shaping to glassing. Then there was Jimmy Earle. He worked for Ron at one time then opened his own shop in Margate- Reef Surf Shop. Across from the Margate Fire Station on Ventnor Ave., if memory serves me correctly.

You should mention the surf spots: Crystal, Gas Chambers, Chicken Bone,
Raleigh Ave., Scriptures, The Point, etc. The East Coast Surfing Association was started in the early sixties in Atlantic City. Challenger Surf Boards moved out here from the West Coast about this time and set up shop in Camden cranking out East Coast Challenger boards. And on, and on, and on.

Anyway, keep up the good work and do your homework. It would be nice to see an accurate history of surfing on Absecon Island published on the web.

One closing word of advice: Don't surf in an electrical storm- the waves are usually nice and glassy but it's scary as hell!



AJ Wolf with his 2009 A.I.S.C. trophy. 

"Surfing is life, the rest is details".

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