Over the years we have waited for the surf conditions to be really good for us to hold our event.  Sometimes we get lucky, and the event runs the first weekend it's scheduled for.  At other times, we've waited about a month for good surf.  We're sorry to say that those days are soon to be over.  It seems that over the years waiting for surf and postponing the event may have  turned some of our contestants off to our event.   Especially the younger groms that begin other fall sports, and lets face it, for those of us that have things to do in the summer and early fall. We've found that surfers hesitate to sign up. Truthfully getting up every weekend at 6 am to see if we're running the event does gets old. So, we're  going to try and run the event on the first scheduled weekend regardless of the size of  surf. The only way we will postpone the event is for inclement weather or out of control surf conditions. If its a nice day and knee high and clean; we're running it.  Sorry for all you guys that need decent waves to surf (start practicing your groveling now) and for all you little groms that have be bounced around in the past; now you'll be able to sleep well the night before.  




Heats (semi's) are 15 minutes long , finals are 20 minutes, and all heats run one after another.

North side of Pier

7:30am start



The remainder of heats will follow these.

Heat order will be determined in the morning, pending on surf conditions. so be there at 7:00am
That's the best we can do. After all, we don't want to make it to easy for you. Just remember, the order of divisions after those listed are still up in the air.

It has been 35 years since I first surfed in the Absecon Island Surfing Championships.. We had to get up at the crack of dawn and roll up to the pier and check if the contest was on. There was no one to call, nor a number to dial to find out if the contest was on or off. Some people feel that this is part of the contest experience, and of course, some have a problem with it. So to uphold tradition for those old schoolers (it will be posted on the pole at cornwall ave beach), and to make life easier for those who don't want to check the surf; we will be posting the status of the contest on this site the day of the event by 6:30am. Beaware, if the web site is down, your on your own.



  Please pass along the contest status to others through phone calls, that would be appreciated.  In the past,  the web server was down and we were unable to post the contest status.  If the status is not posted by 6:45am the day of  the event; then there was a problem.  You can also check the Facebook Page (Absecon Island Surfing Championship) Not only will the surf conditions determine if we hold the contest, so will the weather forecast. We have a great deal of equipment and product that can be damaged by bad weather.  Not to mention, the cleaning and drying of the equipment after the contest.



  The Absecon Island Surfing Championship Status is: 

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Pictures from the contest can be viewed at these sites:


The contest starts at 7:00am and all contestants are expected to be there. The people who run the contest (volunteers) get there at 6:00am and don't get a break until it is over, so you tell me who gets the short end of the stick. Also, please respect the people who work the contest..
There has been one big question that is asked evey year multiple times, and that is, when does this heat or that heat go in the water? We try our best to follow a schedule of events, but it isn't as easy as it sounds. Things come up through out the day and we have to improvise. So please don't ask. Just look at the postings and we are usually within a 15 minute time frame. Thanks








Need Entries:

Email Request To or, go to the contest entry page on the site
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"Surfing is life, the rest is details".

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