Name: Frank Sarno

A.K.A: Spooner

Age: 47

Years Surfing: 35

Status: Never was (still trying to make it big, I've got a couple more years)

Home Break: Ventnor Pier

Surf Trips: Hawaii, Hatteras, Florida, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, Nicaragua, Tortola and Barbados (Does Cape May count?)

Sponsors:  Indie, Seppo

Claim to Fame: (See A.K.A.) Indie Surfboards, Surf contest director, the guy who never surf's uptown, I've driven in a car next to Rob Machado and I was also in a car parked next to Rochell Ballard and Megan Abubo. I met Mark Foo. Wave Tools and W.E.B gloves.

First board: 5'6 Heritage Twin fin with channels

Future Plans: Gain weight, Surf uptown, I like to win the Absecon Island(Finally), Surf trips, Stay alive, Have kids some day ( got two), and last, keep warm

Advice: Even though I don't; live every day as if it were your last. Go on surf trips even if you don't have the money. If some one tells you to hide your stuff while in Puerto Rico, do it!  Be at the contest at 7:00am.  Keep it real.

Name:  Eric Ganter

A.K.A:  Danker

Age:  47

Years Surfing:  28

Status: Has been who never was......still trying

Home Break:  Ventnor Pier

Surf Trips:  Hatteras, Florida, Puerto Rico

Sponsors: Indie, Seppo

Claim to Fame:  Low Stroke Pet the Cat

First board:  Rozo

Future Plans:  More trips to Rincon and beyond.

Advice:  Respect your mother, eat chicken, talk trash!



Name: Lou Solomon



Years Surfing:


Home Break:

Surf Trips:


Claim to Fame:

First board:


Future Plans:


"Surfing is life, the rest is details".

Absecon Island Surfing