Absecon Island Surfing

Congratulations to Pat McCarron the 2018 Champion

Welcome to our site. This site is designed to keep you updated and informed about our local contests, surfers and surfing events.

Entries are available at Shellem's Surf Shack,  Heritage in Margate, Ventnor City Hall and Online

The 45th Annual Absecon Island Surfing Championship:  August  2019  No surf date 

2018 contest was held in Memory of Donnie Smith, Katie Humphreys and Eddie Lamusta close friends and supporters of the Surf Contest.

2014 contest was held in Memory of Joseph 'JT' Toner and Matthew Feinstone. JT was a previous contest contestant and Matthew was a annual contest sponsor.

2010 contest was held in Memory of Philip Magee who passed away in March 2010 and Moira Dougherty who passed away in August 2009 both loved to surf and were past contestants of our contest.

2009  contest was held In Memory of Allen Wolf Sr. whom past away on October 7th 2008

On Tuesday  October 7th 2008 we said goodbye to  Allen Wolf Sr. the man responsible for the Absecon Island Surfing Championships, and the Ventnor Pier as a surf spot.   On Sunday October 12th, there will be a paddle out at Ventnor Pier at 12:00 in his honor.  Even if you didn't know Allen,  you can still come out on Sunday in his honor.  After all, everyone of us has the same thing in common with Allen; the love of surfing.

2008 contest was held In Memory of Robert "Duke'' Mead whom had past away in December 2007  In the past, Duke helped out with the BBQ at the contest.  He loved to surf (as long as it was warm).   Duke will forever be missed.

Ed Sawtelle

Every year we learn for our mistakes. Listed below is contest information everyone should know.

1. All contestants should be at the beach by 7:00am so you don't miss your heat (we never follow the same schedule of events year after year).
2. Believe it or not, there is an entry deadline; and only the spots that are open after that deadline will be filled.
3.There will be no more waiting lists for closed divisions.
4.You can only surf in your age division.

 Longboard division is for 18 and over. We have also added a Legends division 55 - 64 , a Wahine division 13 - 17,  and New for 2017 a Gr. Legends division 65 & up
Stay tuned for the 44th Annual Absecon Island Surfing Championship at the Ventnor Pier. 

Entries will be available online and at local surf shops.

Entry fee is $15.00

Longboard 18 & up is $10.00, only if surfed as a second division

Do not leave entries with surf shops. If you do, there is a good chance you won't be entered in the contest; it has happened in the past. Mail them to the address on the entry.
All contestants receive a T-shirt.
Trophies and/or  prizes awarded to finalist.

Frank Sarno

"Surfing is life, the rest is details".